Our technical production team are experienced across all manner of media. With decades of experience under our belts, we are happy to guide you on what you’ll need for your event, whether it’s a full concert rig or simple lighting and sound installation for a small event. There’s no job too big or too small, and no challenge we’ll back away from.

We are experts in providing the following for your event:

Pre-Production | Power | Rigging | Lighting | Sound | AV
Stage & Structure | Drape & Acoustics | Set & Scenic  | Furniture & Textiles
Plant & Transport | Event Wi-Fi & RFID Tech/ Beacon Tech | Virtual Platforms

With more than 20 years of retail production experience within the team, we can ensure any retail event is produced to perfection. Working across fashion, food, beauty, children’s and seasonal promotions, we are extremely experienced in all areas of due diligence when producing events in the public sphere. Working closely with your on-site management and event teams (or running the entire event ourselves if you wish), we understand the importance of timely, smooth and safe installations and de-rigs. We can also create bespoke builds for any event either in our warehouse, on-site through the night, or in a live, busy environment.

Retail Projects

Our bespoke team have a reputation for world-class production, thanks to an extremely creative team who thrive on attention to detail. Working closely with our clients to deliver their vision, we have worked on a diverse range of bespoke events, from festivals and experiential productions through to brand events, private parties, weddings, and bar or bat mitzvahs. Liaising with multiple teams where necessary, we’re able to work across any location, space or venue with confidence.

Our production stock is agile to cater for all our clients’ needs, from all-white lighting and sound equipment for fashion and beauty events though to state-of-the-art AV and LED solutions. Whatever your requirements, our bespoke team have the resources and skills to ensure our technical services fit your specific needs.

Bespoke Projects

Our venue team have built a reputation around our core principle of excellent partnerships. Whether it’s our prestigious standing as a preferred supplier to some of the most prestigious venues, palaces and museums in the UK, or the excellent relationships we have developed with hundreds of dedicated hire spaces across the UK, our venue team are committed to upholding each venue’s standards, style and brand. From automotive events to award shows and corporate parties to conferences, not to mention fashion shows, weddings, films and product launches, we not only can help find the perfect venue, but we’ve probably already thrown a show-stopping event there!

Our flexible approach in working with venues means we can manage anything from full in-house production and detailed light installations to stage logistics and set builds, with everything you need to ensure your event space does exactly what you need it to do.


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